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Aug 16, 2019
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Understanding Tithing in the Context of Net and Gross Income

Welcome to Coastal Bend Family Worship Center, a place where faith and beliefs are nurtured, and questions about tithing are answered with devout sincerity. In this comprehensive guide, we aim to address a commonly asked question regarding tithing - should it be based on net or gross income?

What is Tithing?

Tithing is a biblical concept that involves giving a portion of one's income back to God, typically to support the work of the church and those in need. It is an act of worship, obedience, and generosity, demonstrating one's commitment to God's kingdom. However, determining whether to tithe on net or gross income can be an area of confusion for many individuals.

Understanding the Argument for Tithing on Net Income

Advocates of tithing on net income believe that tithing should be based on the amount of income received after deducting taxes and other necessary expenses. They argue that since individuals only have access to their net income to cover personal needs and expenses, tithing on net income is a fair and practical approach.

The Case for Tithing on Gross Income

On the other hand, proponents of tithing on gross income assert that the biblical principle of tithing is based on the first fruits of one's increase. They argue that gross income reflects the full blessing received from God, and tithing on this amount demonstrates trust in God's provision and acknowledges His sovereignty over all aspects of our finances.

Tom Brown Ministries' Perspective on Tithing

At Tom Brown Ministries, we believe in providing sincere and thorough guidance on matters of faith, including tithing. While there are varying opinions on whether to tithe on net or gross income, we encourage individuals to approach tithing with a heart of gratitude and reverence.

Our Balanced Approach

We understand that personal circumstances can differ, and financial responsibilities may vary. Our ministry encourages individuals to prayerfully consider their situation and seek wisdom in making a decision that aligns with their faith and demonstrates wholehearted devotion to God.

Focus on the Heart

Tithing is not merely a legalistic requirement but a joyful response to God's love and provision. Rather than getting caught up in the net versus gross debate, our ministry encourages believers to focus on cultivating a spirit of generosity, stewardship, and cheerful giving.

Seeking Godly Counsel

If you still find yourself grappling with the decision of tithing on net or gross income, we suggest seeking guidance from spiritual leaders within your church community. They can provide biblical insight, prayer support, and personalized advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


In summary, the debate over tithing on net or gross income remains an ongoing discussion among faithful Christians. At Tom Brown Ministries, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing a grateful heart, sincere intention, and seeking godly counsel in making decisions about tithing. Remember, the act of tithing is ultimately a personal expression of faith, reverence, and trust in God's provision.

Visit Coastal Bend Family Worship Center to deepen your understanding of biblical principles and foster growth in your faith and beliefs. Our ministry is committed to supporting individuals on their spiritual journey, offering guidance, and promoting a deeper relationship with God. We are here to walk alongside you, answering questions, and providing a nurturing community dedicated to your spiritual growth.

Thurston Poole
💬 Interesting read! Personally, I believe tithing should be based on gross income. 🙏💰
Oct 5, 2023