Audacious Outcasts | The Characters of Christmas Part 3

Jan 18, 2019
Advent and Christmas


Welcome to Coastal Bend Family Worship Center's enlightening exploration of the captivating characters that shaped the story of Christmas. In this third part of our series, we boldly delve into the lives of lesser-known individuals who played crucial roles in the advent of Jesus Christ. Join us on this riveting journey as we uncover remarkable stories of audacious outcasts.

1. The Shepherds - Guardians of the Flock

While kings and wise men often receive the spotlight in retellings of the nativity, the humble shepherds should not be overlooked. These unheralded heroes of the nighttime hills were entrusted with the care of sheep, a role central to biblical imagery. Their unwavering commitment to their flocks, their characteristic audacity in facing danger, and their responsive obedience to the call to witness the newborn Savior provide valuable lessons of faith, devotion, and humility.

A. The Nighttime Encounter

Picture the tranquil Judean countryside, where shepherds watched their sheep. Suddenly, an angelic emissary appeared, announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. Imagine the awe and wonder that must have filled their hearts as the heavens proclaimed the arrival of the long-awaited Messiah.

B. Journey to the Manger

Overwhelmed with anticipation, the shepherds journeyed to Bethlehem to witness the miraculous child. Their arrival, filled with adoration and awe, demonstrates the transformative power of encountering the divine. As they spread the news of Jesus' birth, they became heralds of new hope.

2. The Innkeeper - A Missed Opportunity

Often criticized for turning away Mary and Joseph, the innkeeper holds an important place in the Christmas narrative. While they may seem like a mere side character, their pivotal role cannot be underestimated. The innkeeper's known or unknown reasons for providing a stable instead of a room ultimately fulfilled prophecy and set the stage for the humble birth of Jesus.

A. No Room at the Inn

Though often depicted as insensitive or uncompassionate, the innkeeper's situation may not have been as simple as it seems. In a bustling Bethlehem, filled with weary travelers seeking shelter for the census, the innkeeper faced numerous challenges, yet displayed a measure of kindness by offering an alternative space that would eventually become sacred ground.

B. The Missed Opportunity

The innkeeper's decision inadvertently led to the fulfillment of ancient prophecies surrounding the birth of Jesus. Through the innkeeper's unknowing participation, God's plan for salvation unfolded as the Son of God made His entrance into the world. This remarkable turn of events highlights the intricate ways in which God works, even through the decisions of seemingly insignificant individuals.

3. The Wise Men - Seekers of Truth

Journeying from afar, the wise men, also known as the magi or the Three Kings, embarked on a quest following a celestial sign that foretold the birth of a great King. Their determined pursuit of truth, their extravagant gifts, and their symbolic significance as representatives of the Gentile world all contribute to their profound role within the Christmas story.

A. The Guiding Star

Enthralled by a star of divine origin, the wise men entrusted their destinies to its celestial guidance. Their faith-driven curiosity motivated them to embark on a long and arduous journey, solely to encounter the newborn Messiah.

B. Offering Gifts Fit for a King

Arriving in Bethlehem, the wise men presented gifts befitting royalty—gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These offerings held deep symbolic significance, representing Jesus' kingship, priesthood, and eventual sacrifice. Their gifts underscore the profound truth that Jesus came not only for the Jews but for all humanity.


Coastal Bend Family Worship Center invites you to dive deep into the multifaceted stories of these audacious outcasts, whose lives intersected with one another in profound and unexpected ways. As we uncover their narratives, we gain fresh perspectives on faith, humility, missed opportunities, and the universal reach of God's salvation plan. Join us in embracing the remarkable stories of the shepherds, the innkeeper, and the wise men, and let their audacity inspire and transform your own Christmas experience.

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