Welcome to Coastal Bend Family Worship Center!

Jan 5, 2018

About Us

Coastal Bend Family Worship Center is a thriving community-focused church located in the heart of [City, State]. With a strong commitment to faith and beliefs, we provide an inclusive environment where individuals and families can come together to worship, learn, and grow in their spiritual journey.

Our Mission

Our mission at Coastal Bend Family Worship Center is to spread the love of God, inspire hope, and impact lives within our community. We strive to create a welcoming and nurturing space for people of all ages to experience the transformative power of God's word.

March Kid-z Church

Join us for an exciting and engaging experience at March Kid-z Church! Our program is specifically designed to cater to the spiritual growth and development of children in a fun-filled environment. With a blend of engaging activities, interactive lessons, and heartfelt worship, we aim to create a foundation of faith that will stay with them for a lifetime.

What to Expect

At March Kid-z Church, your child will experience a diverse range of activities that foster spiritual growth in a safe and loving atmosphere. From interactive Bible stories and group discussions to creative arts and music, our program offers a holistic approach to learning and building a strong foundation of faith.

Age Groups

Our program caters to children from various age groups:

  • Infants and Toddlers: 0-2 years old
  • Preschoolers: 3-5 years old
  • Elementary School: 6-11 years old

Engaging Curriculum

Our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers have developed a comprehensive curriculum that combines age-appropriate Bible teachings, worship, and hands-on activities. Each session is carefully planned to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage children to explore and embrace their faith.

Community and Fellowship

March Kid-z Church is not just a place to learn about God, but also a community where children can build lasting friendships and meaningful connections. We organize regular events and outings to promote unity, teamwork, and a sense of belonging.

Join Us Today!

Coastal Bend Family Worship Center welcomes families from all walks of life to be a part of our growing community. We believe in empowering individuals, families, and children on their spiritual journey. Join us at March Kid-z Church and experience the joy of growing in faith, building lifelong friendships, and making a positive impact in the world around us.

Contact us at [Phone Number] or [Email Address] for any inquiries or to learn more about our church and programs.

Connor Lim
🌊🙏 Welcome to Coastal Bend Family Worship Center! Join our vibrant community as we grow together spiritually. 🌟
Oct 18, 2023
Amber Atherton
This church is an essential part of the fabric of [City, State].
Sep 25, 2023
Andrew Lamberti
The commitment to inclusivity is truly admirable.
Apr 23, 2023
Zach Perkins
May this church continue to bring people together in faith and fellowship.
Feb 17, 2023
Constantine Kypriotakis
I love the welcoming atmosphere at Coastal Bend Family Worship Center!
Aug 31, 2022
Dan Donati
This article perfectly captures the essence of Coastal Bend Family Worship Center.
Jan 17, 2022
Timothy Su
The dedication to spiritual growth here is inspiring.
Jun 6, 2021
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May the spirit of unity and love continue to thrive at this church.
Apr 3, 2021
Julie Rice
Looking forward to visiting this church during my next trip to [City, State]!
Feb 12, 2021
Nathalie Torloting
Coastal Bend Family Worship Center has set a high standard for community engagement.
Jan 6, 2021
Felipe Santana
I'm impressed by the positive impact Coastal Bend Family Worship Center has on the community.
Aug 30, 2020
Joshua Robinett
The sense of community at this church is beautiful.
Apr 15, 2020
Phil Regnault
Coastal Bend Family Worship Center is a beacon of hope in [City, State].
Nov 30, 2019
Carly Jackson
Thank you for providing a place where families can come together to worship.
Nov 29, 2019
Jeremy Metzger
So grateful for the inclusive environment provided by this church.
Oct 15, 2019
Doug McMurray
Wishing this church continued success in its mission.
Sep 13, 2019
Matthew Ryall
I appreciate the strong commitment to faith and beliefs at this church.
Aug 29, 2019
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The community focus of Coastal Bend Family Worship Center is truly impactful.
Aug 16, 2019
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Kudos to Coastal Bend Family Worship Center for fostering spiritual growth and development.
Dec 24, 2018
Shahbaz Yusuf
The genuine care for individuals and families is evident in this article.
Jul 2, 2018
Bj Pourteymour
This church has been a blessing to my family and me.
Feb 23, 2018